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How To Prepare For An Easy Clean Up This Christmas

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by Samer A.On September 1, 2023

Christmas is one of the most festive periods of the year, but all that glitters doesn’t always glitter. 

You can end up with a very messy day, so as it approaches, you must take practical steps to prepare for an easy clean-up this Christmas.

So, if you are planning to host your family for Christmas this year, here is a quick tip to help you clean up before and after this big day!

Comprehensive Pre-Christmas Preparations Cleaning Tips 

1. Bedrooms

As we approach Christmas, your bedrooms should be cozy and clean, especially if you expect more family visitors.

So, here is how to get your top-notch bedroom face.

Change the bedding sheets, duvet, and duvet covers and replace them with fresh and clean ones. 

Wash the dirty ones with a washing machine with Surf Frosted Pine + Apple liquid detergent to achieve that ultimate festive scent for your visitors!

Important; When washing your beddings, try to avoid mixing them with other clothing items like socks which can get caught on the sheets, preventing your bedding from being cleaned properly.

 Next, vacuum and polish all the bedrooms to ensure fresh air.

Clean all the surfaces around, including wardrobes and drawers.

Clearing out all unwanted clothes and items in preparation for Christmas gifts or purchases. 

2. Kitchen  

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and especially this Christmas festive. 

However, one crucial thing you need to understand is that besides using your kitchen for cooking, you can also use it safely and hygienically to store food.

You must maintain your glassware, cutlery, and crockery clean and shiny.

So, here are some kitchen tasks you may wish to tackle during the pre-Christmas tidy-up;

  • Clean your oven so that it’s all ready to cook that chicken to perfection. You don’t want to disappoint your visitors or family with the funny taste of your meat and a nasty, lingering smell in the house. 

  • Clean your fridge, remove all the out-of-date food, and dispose of them where appropriate. This will help maintain overall fridge cleanness and create plenty of room for extra food like wine and trifles!

  • Clean all glassware before the big day. Prepare your sparkling glassware to create the perfect festive drinks, such as wine, port, sherry, mulled wine, mulled cider, and so on. Don’t disappoint your grandchildren by serving them juice in a dirty, cloudy-looking glass, 

3. Bathroom

Getting your bathroom clean and hygienic during the pre-Christmas clean-up and maintaining this cleanliness throughout the festive period is also vital.

Be sure to clean the bathroom area to prevent the spread of germs.

You can use Cif Bathroom Spray and Domestos Toilet Gels to ensure your bathroom remains clean and hygienic.

4. Living room

Before the big day, cleaning your living room is essential so your kids don’t have to sit on the dirty floor while opening and playing with their presents from Santa. 

If you have rugs, flip them over and vacuum the undersides to remove dust. 

Other Pre-Christmas Preparations

  • Create an emergency stain removal kit: Stains are unavoidable during holiday gatherings, especially on carpets, clothes, or upholstery. So, to prepare for accidental spills, stock a stain removal kit ahead of your Christmas.

  • Opt for machine-washable textiles: To have an easy time, ensure that your tablecloths, placemats, napkins, runners are machine-washable, so you can toss everything in a hamper once you clear your table.

  • Consider Using disposable dishes & utensils: You want to consider having disposable versions you can easily toss when you are done with them. This will ease your cleaning process, and no worries about drying dishes for days.

  • Enlist help from guests & family: If you are hosting some families and visitors this Christmas, then don’t die doing the task alone. Ask and assign some of your guests or family members who can help with a few tasks. 

  • Old Items: Check for old items that you can throw away or donate to make more space at home.

  • Shop and stock all the required cleaning detergents.

Post-Christmas Preparations Cleaning Tips 

  • Sort your gift wrap, gift bags, ribbons, etc., into three categories for easy tidying and cleaning.

  • If there are wrapping paper, bags, cards, or other items containing glitter, ensure you throw them out asap and carry out vacuuming. 

  • When packing up ornaments and decorations, use torn gift wraps and tissue paper from Christmas gifts to wrap breakable items.

  • Don’t wait to organize and put away Christmas presents. Ensure you collect any items you need to return or exchange, plus the receipts you will need for these gifts.

In addition, make your Christmas cleanup fun by playing your favourite holiday tunes and basking in the post-Christmas glow!

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