General Cleaning Checklist

Suppose you are new to cleaning or need a refresher on what to expect from a general cleaning booking. We have a checklist below to help you keep in mind when doing a general cleaning as part of the Ezi platform. This guide can be adapted to your preference and is more meant as a guideline for an easy and smooth start.

Equipment: Vacuum, Mop, Cleaning Gloves, Paper Towels, Eco-friendly all-surface cleaner

Priorities: Start with the more difficult rooms and tasks, typically the kitchen and bathrooms. They will typically take at least 45 minutes to an hour each. Other rooms can take 30-45 minutes. Spending more time in some rooms should only happen if a client requests extra care for a particular room. This checklist is ordered by priority order. You may skip non-applicable items.

Tip: Open this page when performing cleaning and check it as you go; the finalized list will be stored until your next use.

* indicates it was included in the job description or explicitly requested.

Bedroom (for every bedroom)

    Make the bed

    Replace bed and pillow covers (if requested and provided)

    Organize the items on dressers/night-stands

    Wipe available surfaces (nightstands and dressers)

    Replace tissue boxes (if replacements are available)

    Vacuum the floor

    Mop the floor (completed last)

Bathroom (for every bathroom)

    Remove floor mats

    Dust the bathroom walls and surfaces

    Wipe the shower/tub surface clean

    Wipe the seat and underneath

    Rinse the sink

    Vacuum the floor

    Mop the floor (completed last)


    Empty coffee grounds into the compost or garbage

    Rid the sink of any dirty dishes

    Clear and wipe the table/cabinet surfaces

    Unload and load the dishwasher (if requested)

    Wipe down the fridge, oven, stove-top and dishwasher (exterior only)

    Wipe down countertops and cabinets

    Rinse the bathroom sink

    Empty the garbage can and place a new bag in

    Vacuum the floor

    Mop the floor (completed last)


    Put away items that don’t belong (toys, stray cups, etc.)

    Dust and wipe down surfaces

    Sweep and/or vacuum

    Mop the floor (depending on the surface)

    Throw away trash


    Clear the area and move any large but light items out of the garage (weather permitting)

    Sweep the garage toward the exterior

    Vacuum (if necessary)

    Hose the walls and floor down

    Leave to dry

    Return back the garage items

Other Rooms

For other types of rooms, you can follow the basic steps;

    Organize the room as necessary

    Clean and wipe surfaces with all-surface cleaner

    Vacuum the floor

    Mop the floor (depending on the surface)

    Clear out and replace trash bags