General Service Guide

Thank you for joining Ezi! To ensure you have the best experience, we will give you the guidelines for a smooth booking flow.


  • Do claim jobs you can take on only; cancellations or no-shows will result in suspension.

  • Do set your availability accurately

  • Do review job details before the day of the appointment

  • Do chat with the customer for extra clarifications if needed

    • You may use the chat function in the app directly, which will automatically send them an SMS with your message if they do not have the app.

    • If you need a customer's phone number and it's unavailable, ask us, and we will provide it.

  • Do prepare the necessary equipment for jobs you take on

    • Ensure they work fully as some clients are not guaranteed to have all equipment necessary for cleanings

  • Do request an extension for the job using the app if you think a job may not finish in the time allocated, and we will charge the client and pay you accordingly automatically if the request is accepted

  • Do work your preferred way; we want to ensure you are comfortable and unrestricted in your work.

Do not's:

  • Do not claim to be employed by Ezi. We are a matchmaking app, and our goal is to connect you to customers effectively. Any client issues can be reported to us, and we will help.

  • Do not request cash payment; all payments are handled automatically, and customers have already paid for the service. Cash payments may result in suspension.

  • Do not tell clients to book you elsewhere. If they book you through Ezi, we will typically pair them automatically with you for future bookings at the same address.


  • No-shows will be recorded and may result in suspension of your account. You can ask to reschedule OR decline the booking as soon as possible to avoid suspension.

  • If you take on jobs as part of a team (e.g. 6-hour booking may be handled by 2 staff in 3 hours), the team manager is fully responsible for the other team members.

  • You know how to do your job effectively. If you need a checklist, please consult our cleaning guides, and they will give you more details based on the cleaning type.

We hope you enjoy your work, and for any feedback or questions, feel free to reach out to us; we will be happy to help!