Managing Jobs

To make jobs easier to manage, we have built a seamless platform to help you manage your availability, but still take on as many jobs as you want, at rates you choose.

Start/End A Job

Our systems are automated when starting/ending jobs, you simply need to make sure all schedules are accurate. Currently, we do not require any user input to start a job.

Extend A Job

Extending A Job, allows you to request a longer visit from a customer within reason. Customers will be prompted for an extension via SMS, and they can approve/reject it via SMS directly. This allows you to get clear approvals for longer work. This also ensures you get paid the additional time customers extend for.

Skip/Cancel A Job

Skipping A Job allows you to cancel a single booking from a series of bookings. For example, if a customer has you booked every 2 weeks, you can skip a booking to avoid losing the repeating cadence.

Cancelling A Job allows you to cancel the job and its future bookings in case the client asked or in case you no longer can service a client. Too many cancellations and you may be restricted from getting new bookings. This action is NOT REVERSIBLE.

Reschedule A Job

Rescheduling A Job allows you to make sure customers are aware of time changes with just a few taps. Customers are notified of any changes as soon as they happen directly via SMS and Ezi app. You can choose to reschedule at any time, but complaints from too many reschedulings may restrict your account from getting new bookings.