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a hotel cleaner cleaning when someone is not in the home for a house cleaning service

Do I Need to Be at Home for a House Cleaning Service?

picture of Lorna L.
by Lorna L.On June 12, 2023

If you are looking for a professional home cleaning service, you might wonder if you must be home when the cleaners arrive. The answer is: it depends. Being present or absent during the cleaning process has some benefits and drawbacks. 

Benefits of Being at Home During The Cleaning Appointment

  • You can supervise the cleaners and give them specific instructions or feedback on their work.

  • You can ensure that the cleaners can access all the areas and items that need cleaning, such as locked cabinets, closets, or drawers.

  • You can keep an eye on the cleaners to ensure they clean the way you like.

Drawbacks of Being at Home During The Cleaning Appointment

  • You might feel uncomfortable or awkward having strangers in your home, mainly cleaning your bedroom or bathroom.

  • You might get the cleaners' way and slow down their work by moving around or talking to them.

  • You might have to deal with noise, dust, or odours from cleaning products or equipment.

  • You may be required to change your routine to encompass the cleaning service.

Benefits of Being Away During The Cleaning Appointment

  • You can save stress and time by letting the cleaners do their job without your interference or distraction.

  • You can enjoy your leisure time by doing something you like, such as working, shopping, or relaxing.

  • You can trust the cleaners to do a thorough and professional job based on their experience and reputation.

  • You can return to a clean, fresh home that will make you relaxed and happy.

Drawbacks of Being Away During The Cleaning Appointment

  • You may be worried about the safety and security of your home and belongings while you are away.

  • You might have to give the cleaners a spare key or access code to enter your home, which could pose a risk of loss or misuse.

  • You might miss the opportunity to communicate with the cleaners and clarify your expectations or preferences.

  • You might have to deal with any issues or problems that arise after cleaning, such as missing items, damaged furniture, or unsatisfactory results.

How to Decide

Ultimately, deciding whether to be home or away for a house cleaning service depends on your preference and comfort level. There is no correct or wrong answer as long as you communicate clearly with the cleaning company and the cleaners beforehand. 

Here are tips to help you to make an informed choice:

  • Ask the cleaners about their policies and procedures regarding your presence or absence during the cleaning. Find out if they have any requirements, preferences, or recommendations for you.

  • Discuss your expectations and preferences with the cleaners before they start working. Let them know what areas and items you want them to clean or avoid, how you want them to handle your valuables and personal belongings, and how you want them to reach out to you whenever any questions or issues.

  • Review the contract and terms of service carefully before you sign it. Ensure you comprehend what services are included and excluded, what guarantees and warranties are offered, and what liabilities and responsibilities are involved.

  • Choose a reputable and reliable cleaning company with positive reviews, references, and testimonials from previous customers. Check their credentials, licenses, and insurance coverage. Ask for a free estimate and a written agreement before you hire them.

Trustworthy and Reliable Cleaning Service

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Whether or not to be present during a house cleaning service is yours. While being present allows for initial introductions, addressing concerns, and building rapport, not being current offers time-saving benefits, uninterrupted cleaning, and privacy. Choose the option that aligns with your comfort level and schedule.

When searching for a trustworthy and reliable house cleaning service, consider Ezi Home. They provide professional home cleaning services in Ottawa, Toronto, and the surrounding region. With their experienced and trained cleaning professionals, effective cleaning products, and commitment to meeting your needs, Ezi Home ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.