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The Types Of Home Cleaning Services

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by Samer A.On April 18, 2023

Cleaning can be challenging, but you can have many choices when choosing your cleaning service provider.

As a result, we have constantly thrived in providing quality home deep-cleaning and office cleaning services in Ottawa

So, if you have been wondering what home cleaning services you can get from us, we have given a comprehensive list in this article.

Please keep reading to learn more about our home cleaning services in Ottawa.


As the name suggests, home cleaning is a service offered to homeowners and residents to ensure a cleaner, healthier house, condo, apartment or home working office. 

You must hire the best cleaning services to clean your home, living and working environment.

With Ezi, you will connect to the best cleaners near you with just a few clicks. 

Its also necessary to understand that home cleaning takes place in different contexts and employs other methods, which include general cleaning in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. 

These services can either be;

  • General Cleaning

  • Deep cleaning

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Move-in and Move-out cleaning

  • Office Cleanings


This is the basic cleaning service that is provided by residential cleaners. It includes cleaning tasks such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping etc

It involves tidying up your spaces, cleaning the floor, wiping surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, taking out the trash etc.

To maintain hygiene regularly, it is best to hire professional cleaners. Also, you can adopt other cleaning methods, such as a clean-as-you-spill policy at home, which reduces the chances of the spillage becoming a breeding ground for germs.

You should perform regular cleaning to maintain a clean living environment


Unlike basic general cleaning, deep cleaning eliminates dirt, stains, soap scum, and other impurities around your home. So you are not just tidying up your spaces, cleaning floors, wiping surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, taking out the trash or general dusting. Instead, you are thoroughly sanitizing the areas around your home.

Deep cleaning will help you achieve a clean, healthier, homely environment for your family. It also makes it look and smell fresh and clean.

The process of deep cleaning always takes a lot longer than general cleaning and requires more effort. It’s okay to ask for help from professional deep cleaners because deep cleaning requires attention to detail. If you don’t achieve that, your home might become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that will pose a significant danger to your family. Our detailed guide for deep cleaning may help you make the most of it yourself.


This type of home cleaning service typically happens after construction or renovations. Most construction teams are responsible for some cleaning, but it’s not usually enough. So to achieve a better, cleaner and healthier home living environment, thorough post-construction cleaning is done. 

It begins from the top of the house to the bottom, ensuring every corner, floor, wall, and even house ceiling is dusted or wiped. Every wall must be clean and free from dirt and smudges. A secondary part of the clean-up is using power wash tools and cleaning windows, doors and frames, removing all unnecessary plastics and stickers from furniture, windows, and doors. 

Other tasks may include dusting off everything in the house, including ceilings, lights, bulbs, etc. Other essential duties include vacuum cleaning,  properly disposing of trash and debris, cleaning all the appliances, cabinets, and shelves from inside and out and addressing any safety issues, loose wires, and leaks to the construction contractors.

These processes can be a bit dangerous, i.e. pieces of nails and glasses can still be left on the ground hence the need to hire professional cleaners with the right skills and equipment.



This home cleaning is done before one moves to a new home. To ensure the house is clean, dirt and impurity-free, it should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

The process will also provide a spotless space for furniture and belongings, a clean kitchen to cook from, clean and healthier bedrooms to sleep in, and a generally conducive environment.

Our home cleaning services in Ottawa offer these cleaning services, which include;

  • Vacuuming all floors and cleaning all wood, vinyl, tile, and other floorings.

  • Cleaning the insides and outsides of drawers and cabinets.

  • Sanitizing sinks, bathtubs, showers, and house appliances such as microwaves and ovens.

  • Cleaning windows, doors and frames.

  • Dusting every surface.


This home cleaning is done to the empty house after the tenant or homeowner moves out.

The process involves;

  • Dusting everything

  • Cleaning the kitchen appliances

  • Cleaning and dusting cabinets

  • Sanitizing sinks and countertops

  • Scrubbing toilets, showers and bathtubs, vacuuming 

  • Sweeping all the floors etc.

This process ensures that the next tenant or homeowner finds the house in good condition.


There’s nothing good like a clean working environment. Office cleaning is cleaning services employed in the working office to ensure that the office is clean, neat, and organized to improve productivity. It also provides an enjoyable and healthy working environment for employees.

To achieve this, hire professionals who offer office cleaning services. For maximum productivity, you must prepare checklists to clean the whole office in a particular order and priority.

This checklist includes the following;

  • Clean the Office Desks and Cubicles: This is the area where employees sit. Recycle paper and empty trash cans. Vacuum floors around and under desks and tables.Clean windows in offices. Dust desks, shelves, and other surfaces.

  • Clean the Office Kitchens and Break Rooms: The kitchen and breakrooms play essential roles in the office to ensure they are kept clean, ensure the food wrappers, unwanted food and expired food are discarded well, wash dishes and store them in a clean place, empty trash regularly, clean appliances like the toaster or microwave, check water cooler and make sure there is water and cups for people to drink.

  • Clean the Office Reception and Waiting Areas: The place where visitors wait should also be cleaned and kept clean by cleaning off and organizing a welcome desk, dusting the desk, hard surfaces, waiting room tables, and more,  emptying trash and recycling bins, replenishing water cups at the water cooler and make sure that water cooler has water for guests, organizing books or magazines that are left for visitors to read.

  • Clean Office Bathrooms: All bathrooms at the office must be cleaned and disinfected


Since cleaning your home and office can be tedious, I highly recommend hiring professionals through Ezi who provide different thorough cleaning services. Serving the Ottawa, Toronto and Gatineau regions!

Having a regular cleaning schedule is your responsibility, and it comes with the following benefits;

  • It ensures that everything is cleaned.

  • It improves productivity by creating a conducive environment that’s allergy and germs-free, which helps maintain residents’ health, improving their productivity at work, school, etc.

  • It reduces accidents at home through the order and comfort of tidy and organized rooms.    

  • It keeps odours from developing.


Cleaning eliminates germs, dirt, and dust, resulting in better hygiene at your home or office. 

Therefore, it’s essential to keep your house and working environment clean, neat and orderly to avoid tripping or residents accidentally hurting themselves, especially kids.

Cleaning and keeping our living environments tidy improves our health and well-being.