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Equipment You Need for Home Cleaning

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by Samer A.On April 21, 2023

When cleaning, you need anything that makes it less of a chore and easier to do. 

So, what equipment do you need for home cleaning?

Having the right equipment and supplies makes all the difference in effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, access to these cleaning tools makes the whole process easy and enjoyable. 

Cleaning equipment varies depending on the type of cleaning, i.e. equipment for deep cleaning differs from those used for general cleaning. In addition, cleaning equipment has a unique purpose based on which part of the house needs to be cleaned.

Let’s look at some of the home cleaning equipment you need.


1. Vacuum Cleaner

These types of cleaning tools are required when doing a deep cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners use suction power to clean. They are more effective in cleaning dirt and grime hidden away in your furniture, carpets, corners, under the bed, etc.

They come with different levels of suction power. The ones with low suction power may get the visible dust away. Still, it doesn’t necessarily remove the more harmful grime underneath, while the ones with higher suction power remove hard-to-remove impurities from the surface.

If you want to do a deep cleaning, you should go with the vacuum cleaner with higher suction power and multiple modes to accommodate the areas needing cleaning.

2. Dusting Tools

They are used for dusting purposes around the house. They help remove dirt and other impurities on the surfaces. This is typically used for general home cleaning as it is a less detailed form of cleaning.

These tools are especially effective in cleaning delicate items such as jewelry, fragile home decor, weak fixtures, fittings, etc.

Any brush with soft bristles will do. It will remove all of the trapped dust and impurities. You can also use lambswool or feather, microfibers, and disposable dusters. Our home dusting guide might help you out even more.

3. Floor Washer Or Mop

This cleaning equipment offers a convenient way to clean your floors. There are two types of floor washers, namely:

  1. High-pressure floor washers, such as; cold water high-pressure floors washers, are suitable for cleaning all floors in the room and the outdoors; hot water high-pressure floor washers are used to clean hard floors like the ones filled with grime and dirt that’s hard to remove with regular mopping

  2. Low-pressure floor washer

In addition, you can also use moppers (homemade cleaning equipment made of absorbent materials used in cleaning, dusting, and drying floors) to clean your floor.

4. All-Purpose Cleaner

As the name suggests, an all-purpose cleaner tackles dirt on almost all surfaces. It’s gentle enough that it doesn’t destroy or damage the shells and effectively removes all dirt, stains, scum, grease, and any impurities on the surface.

All-purpose cleaners come in different types. Mixing warm water with baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice can easily make a homemade cleaner. You can walk to your nearest supermarket or buy one from any online store.

Use all-purpose cleaners to clean your floors, counters, cabinets, tables, chairs, appliances, sinks, tubs, toilets, windows, shelving, fixtures, lighting, etc. 

5. Disinfectant sprays

These chemical substances are used to kill and destroy microorganisms on surfaces. Unfortunately, surfaces like the kitchen floor, sinks, bathroom, and laundry room can quickly become a breeding ground for these microorganisms.

Use disinfectant sprays when cleaning those surfaces to kill infectious microorganisms; these sprays come in different types. 

You can make homemade disinfectants by mixing your cleaner with rubbing alcohol as a DIY solution. Or even purchase ready-made health-safe cleaning disinfectants from any store as well.

6. Commercial brooms 

These are used to sweep dirt, dust, and other impurities from the surface from flat dry surfaces. 

Commercial brooms are perfect for the house, garage, and outdoors.  They have long, soft bristles that get into uneven surfaces, making cleaning corners and rough surfaces easy.

7. Commercial buckets 

You can use commercial buckets to mix your cleaning agents and carry water used for cleaning.

8. Cleaning Gloves

Cleaning can be a dirty task (believe it or not). While dangerous microorganisms and other impurities are removed, you may encounter some chemicals or situations that need a glove/cloth handy.

To avoid exposing yourself to these chemicals or other dangers, use gloves designed for cleaning as a safe bet.

9. Large garbage bags for bathrooms and kitchen areas 

These are essential for storing garbage and any waste products at your home.


Ezi cleaning services have adopted strategically used cleaning equipment that can simplify and perform cleaning in your homes efficiently.

So, if you are a resident of Ottawa, worry no more!

Here are some of the good reasons why home cleaning equipment is essential;

  • Make cleaning easier: Cleaning equipment helps simplify the cleaning process. For example, instead of manually scrubbing the dirt and grime on the floor, use the high-pressure floor washer to remove it, saving you the hassle.

  • Save time: Home cleaning equipment can easily clean a larger surface area in one go. For example, commercial brooms are designed in such a way to clean large surface areas in a short time compared to regular brooms. This improves efficiency and will save time.

  • Improved efficiency: home cleaning equipment is more effective than manual cleaning because they remove dirt and impurities faster and perfectly. For example, using an all-purpose cleaner to clean your bedroom will help you remove dirt faster than just water.

  • User friendly: homemade cleaning equipment is specifically designed to clean; hence it’s easy to use and apply even though you lack cleaning experience.

  • They save time: one can clean a large surface quickly using cleaning equipment compared to manual cleaning methods.

  • Economical: Accessing cleaning equipment will save a lot of money compared to hiring equipment.

  • Availability: You can easily acquire cleaning equipment. Just take a walk to the nearest store around you or buy one from online stores like Amazon.


Acquiring cleaning equipment is a one-time investment that you will never regret. It will save you a lot of time and resources and comes with improved efficiency. It also means you can clean your home wherever you want with less hassle. In addition, improve the general look of your home by using the right cleaning tools and equipment.

But sometimes, operating these tools can be challenging; some are heavy and complicated; hence you might need help.

If you are looking for professional cleaners to help you out, don’t worry. You will get Ezi Professional Cleaning Services in Ottawa with just a few clicks. We ensure you get the best professional services around.