My First Booking

First Of All, Congratulations

To get you ready for the first booking, we will outline a few things so you are ready to take on and impress your first clients!

Before continuing, make sure to have reviewed the general service guide, which will outline what you can and can't do when taking bookings over Ezi (fyi; it's short)

Before The Booking:

  • Review the booking details - the description will explain what the customer is looking for in the booking. They may ask you to do more tasks, but that remains at your discretion and availability.

  • Avoid rescheduling when possible - to keep customers happy, we suggest avoiding rescheduling unless necessary. If you are expecting to be a few minutes up to 30 minutes late, send a message in the chat indicating so, and that is it.

At The Booking:

  • Introduce yourself - get clients to know you; we'd love to pair them up with you on an ongoing basis, so get to know the clients. It can be as simple as "Hi, I'm Jane, here for the cleaning appointment booked through Ezi".

  • If applicable, remove outdoor shoes to avoid bringing outdoor contaminates (at your own discretion to ensure your safety as well)

  • Ask if they have any questions before the cleaning - typically, clients won't have a TODO list; in that case, follow our checklist if unsure what to do. If they have a TODO list, go through it. But make sure it aligns with the booking details as well.

  • Paid by the hour - time is hard to estimate sometimes; if you think cleaning will take longer than booked, use the Ezi App and request an extension. This allows you to give the client an option to extend. When we estimate time for the clients, we typically are within expectations, but they still can manually choose how many hours to book for and may decide to underbook. *note* If you finish cleaning earlier than booked by 30 minutes or more, the total pay may be reduced accordingly (jobs are billed by half-hour blocks - and the same with payouts).

Finishing the Booking

  • Pack up all equipment and supplies and say your goodbyes. A good impression is great as customers will be prompted to TIP in the app if they are happy with your visit.

That is it! Payout will be processed immediately and typically will land in your bank account within 2 business days. Make sure your direct deposit details are accurately set for payouts.