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Effectively Tackle Kitchen Cleanings in a Few Steps

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by Samer A.On April 24, 2023

The kitchen is the house's most used room, hence the room that needs attention every day. Developing a routine kitchen cleanup and daily upkeep habits will keep your kitchen clean. 

The key to staying ahead is sticking to your kitchen cleaning schedule. Design a detailed checklist that works for you and develop the discipline to follow it. 

Regular cleaning is essential but doesn’t get stuck cleaning the kitchen after every meal. You can complete it all in a few minutes for a day or a week. Just follow the steps below, and you will be sorted. 

How do you clean your kitchen? 

The tips and guidelines I will discuss here will help you get your kitchen clean and tidy; they will help you get into the habit of cleaning regularly. 

Step 1: Get suitable materials for kitchen cleaning

The first thing you do is get a suitable material for cleaning your kitchen. To do that, you need to understand your kitchen. 

What type of walls, floors, ceilings, kitchen equipment, and utensils are you using? Getting the correct answers to these questions will help you develop a list of the right cleaning equipment and cleaning agents to help you finish the work. 

Below we have stated the essential equipment that is a must-have for every kitchen cleaning process;

  • Garbage bag.

  • A big basket for everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen.

  • Soap and a soap dish.

  • Other cleaning cleaners that are specifically designed to clean your equipment and floors

  • Mop, broom and vacuum.

  • Scrubber for stuck dirt such as food and spilt liquids.

  • Cleaning mitts and gloves.

  • Hot and cold water.

  • Cleaning microfiber.

Step 2: Clean your Kitchen

Now that you have the equipment ready, it’s time for work. To effectively clean your kitchen, create a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning checklist as shown below: 

Daily cleaning Checklist:

  • Clean your sinks: Run a sink with soapy, hot water. If it's double-sided with a garbage disposal on one side, clean the disposal-free side first, it will allow you to clean and scrape the leftovers down the drain quickly. The hot water should help you get the hard-stuck dirt off your sinks. 

  • Soak and clean your dirty dishes in warm water: First, scrape any solid waste from the dishes into the garbage bag and then soak them before loading them into the dishwasher.

  • Gather all the stuff that doesn't belong in the kitchen: Collect all the things that don't belong in the kitchen and fill them in a basket. Make sure you collect each one of them to keep the kitchen neat. Put these items in the places they belong to keep your house organized. 

  • Wash down your kitchen appliances and countertops: Soak your sponges and rags, and wash down the surfaces with hot water. Scrub down any stains and clean water from the surfaces. Clean the microwaves, fridges and other appliances like toasters. Remember, this is not a detailed deep cleaning. Just wipe it out and let them dry. 

  • Dust ceilings, walls, doors and windows: Dust all surfaces in and out of your kitchen to remove dust and stains.

  • Clean the floor: Once you clean all surfaces, sweep all the trash from the floor, and use hot water and a cleaner with a mop or vacuum to clean the floor. You can also use microfiber to wash and dry the floor faster. 

  • Take out the trash: Once you are done, take out the garbage and reline the trash can to prepare it for collection. 

Weekly kitchen cleaning checklist: 

This list of cleaning tasks doesn’t need your daily attention; hence, don’t get done on the daily cleaning task. These tasks require much attention as compared with daily cleaning tasks. 

Clean your kitchen cabinet: Wipe the outside and insides with a wet microfiber cloth. 

  • Wipe all handles and knobs in the kitchen: The windows, doors, and even cabinet handles and knobs. Use a clean kitchen cleaning towel and disinfectant to kill lingering germs and bacteria.

  • Clean all the chairs and stools

  • Clean the kitchen appliances such as microwaves and fridges: Clean the insides and outsides by wiping them with water mixed with vinegar. Wipe their handles and shelves with disinfectants and always load these appliances with neat stuff to keep them fresh and well maintained. 

  • Take out all the garbages and recycling bins: When you are done, throw away waste products and garbage. 

  • Organize the kitchen: Collect all the stuff that doesn’t belong in the kitchen, put them away, and organize your kitchen storage.

  • Dust the kitchen surfaces: Dust the light fixtures, walls, ceiling, top of cabinets and every surface prone to dust and other dirt. Don’t let dust build up and combine with grease that goes into the air from cooking because that will cost you a lot of time and resources to clean.

  • Clean windows and doors: Wash the windows, their sills and the doors in your kitchen. Remember to wash and change the curtains if you are using some. 

  • Clean the floor: Once you are done, clean the floor. If it’s a wooden floor, use a vacuum. You can also use a damp mop.

Monthly kitchen cleaning schedule

Monthly cleaning tasks require attention to detail. These are a form of deep cleaning you need to do a few times a year. 

  • Update freezer inventory: You will need to scrub the freezer shelves using vinegar and wash them using hot water. Reorganize it and throw away food that has overstayed and expired in the freezer.  When storing food in the freezer, ensure you don’t let it sit for too long.

  • Clean ovens: Run the self-cleaning feature in the oven ranges if you have one, or use the oven cleaning products to get the work done. 

  • Clean the insides of other kitchen appliances: clean the toaster, coffee maker and other appliances that handle food to ensure you kill germs and other disease-causing bacteria. Empty the ice machine, and disinfect the fridge. 

While conducting the monthly cleaning procedures, follow some daily and weekly procedures to ensure you clean everywhere and leave the kitchen as clean as possible. 


The larger your household, the longer the process of cleaning will take. But if you make kitchen cleaning your habit, you will simplify the whole process and achieve excellent results with less hassle. 

You can decide to do the daily kitchen cleaning routine after dinner. That way, you leave your kitchen clean at night and help you start the day with a fresh and hygienic cooking environment. It will also help you keep insects like cockroaches and germs away. 

Weekly and monthly cleaning can be complicated; looking for a professional to help you with the cleaning task is okay. 

Reach out to Ezi Home Cleaning if you need help. You will get professional and reliable kitchen cleaning services with just a few clicks.