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Tips on How to Organize a Kitchen

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by Samer A.On April 26, 2023

Getting on top of organizing your kitchen can be a tedious job. Organizing your kitchen cabinets, counters, and cupboards will allow everyone in your house to access everything they need in the kitchen quickly.  

These simple steps in organizing your kitchen will help you achieve a tidy and clean kitchen with everything in its proper place. Making future kitchen cleanings a breeze for you and others.

So, how do you organize your kitchen?

To effectively organize your kitchen, you need to emphasize major kitchen parts. Some of these include the kitchen cabinets, counters and cupboards. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to organize your kitchen effectively. 

Organizing kitchen cabinets without a pantry

The kitchen cabinet’s content should be organized rigidly, making it easy to see the kitchen content. This enables you to gather ingredients and equipment in the cupboards quickly and easily. 

Organizing them rigidly will also prevent the spillage of these ingredients and other liquid products in the cabinets.

Devote a cabinet for items you use regularly. This will make it easy for you to access things easily and quickly. It will also save you the time you might spend looking for this item regularly.

Steps to organize the kitchen cabinets

  • Determine the strategy: Before starting, developing the strategy you want to organize your kitchen is essential. Look around and check if the space is enough for the kitchen appliances and other equipment. Plan how you will arrange everything to ensure that the available space is well utilized and enough space is left for physical movement around the kitchen.

  • Remove unused items: Cut down unnecessary, new and out-of-date items by returning them to their rightful places. This will help you create space and help make spending time and cooking more pleasurable.

  • Define your categories: The items you organize in the kitchen fall into broad categories. Example: Dry food, canned food and spices can be stored in the same cabinet but in different drawers. Cookware such as pans, pots and dishes fall into the same category as the dish towel and clothes. So, when organizing your kitchen, you must separate this equipment and supplies into different types and arrange them accordingly.

  • Create storage zones: Mentally divide your cabinets into zones to help you decide where to store different categories of items in your kitchen. This will make finding items for you and your whole household easier.

  • Label everything: You don’t want to look for something in your cabinets forever. Make sure everything is visible to you at just one glance. Labelling everything on shelves will save you time and help even with your household who didn’t take part in the kitchen organizing procedure. 

Organizing kitchen counters

When organizing your kitchen counters, you must manage the items in clusters of three or any odd number you like. This will give your counters the necessary balance and help keep them looking tidy. 

It’s also essential to pick a nice colour for your counters and compliment it with items with the same colour palette; this introduces your personality and design flair, giving your counters a lovely touch.

Follow the steps below to organize items on your counters;

  • Organizing your food spices: Add a spice rank or two to your counters to help with the spices. Arrange them well, starting with the most used one to the least. Organizing your spices well helps avoid scrubbing around in the back of the cabinets when looking for a specific type. 

  • Organizing utensils: Use utensils holders to help keep your utensils in place. Always make sure that they are kept as dry and clean as possible to prevent them from being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

  • Organizing your trays: Organize your trays in a well-arranged vertical order. Organizing them vertically rather than horizontally makes them easy to put out. It also allows you to store a lot of trays, saving time and space. Also, remember to organize them by size.

How to clean and organize your cupboards in the kitchen 

Before you begin cleaning and organizing your cupboards, empty your cabinets.

  • Discard all expired food and other waste products.

  • You can also donate the items you won't use again.

  • For non-food items, rearrange them to remove the items you don't need again. Remember to put aside items you will occasionally use, such as items required for special occasions and holidays.

Tips on organizing other parts of the kitchen 

Think in zones. Divide your kitchen into cleaning space, cooking space and food storage space. That means that the refrigerators, ovens and cabinets are placed adjacent so that gathering ingredients and other cooking materials are accessible.

Arrange your kitchen appliances in the right assigned areas, i.e. cooking appliances should be close together and a bit far from the sinks to prevent dirty water from spilling onto them while cleaning.

Kitchen cleaning agents and supplies should also be maintained and kept away from the kitchen, especially if they get destroyed by water and steam easily.

Design a simple clean-as-you-spill rule to ensure your kitchen is clean. Also, learn to clean your dishes after use to ensure that they're kept clean and that your sink is kept clean and safe from bacteria.


To best organize your kitchen, you need to do the job methodologically. That’s tackling one section or area at a time and doing it best before moving to the next. For example, organize the cabinet well before moving to the counters.

Organizing your kitchen is a standard requirement for every responsible kitchen owner. You need to make it a habit. Learn and follow the tips above to help you get the job done. 

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