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How To Efficiently Clean Your Home

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by Samer A.On April 16, 2023

Cleaning can be cumbersome and hard to do, especially if you do it independently. 

Other times the circumstances won’t allow you, like when you are sick or have a new job.

But no matter what you are going through, a clean home is necessary. That’s why you need to set priorities on what to clean daily and what can be done later.

You can apply these priorities to the parts and spaces in the house that can’t go without cleaning, like the kitchen, the bedroom, the laundry room and the bathroom.

In this post, I have highlighted steps you can take to ensure your home is clean; you don’t have to spend the whole day, week or month planning, especially when your schedule is tight. 

These steps will help you prioritize cleaning your home and ensuring everything is in check.

So, let’s get started;


First, you need to understand your schedule. 

If you have a new job, you might want to wake up early, do the cleaning before you go to work or do it later. 

If you have a baby in the house, you will have to create extra time, maybe when they are sleeping and get the job done. 

So, no matter your situation, find a way to clean your home. Once you have figured out when you will clean your house, follow the checklist below to help you finish the cleaning job. 

These steps are the basic cleaning methods that will help you get your home in order and apply similarly for general or deep cleaning.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen tends to get dirty faster than other rooms in the house. It’s the busiest room in the house, primarily when you work from home and have kids. You have to ensure that the place where you store food, cook and sometimes eat is clean and free from germs. Our detailed guide can help tackle kitchen cleaning in as few steps as possible.

To do this, you need to;

  • Clean and disinfect your fridge before storing food.

  • Dust the windows, doors, and frames regularly.

  • Dust the ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and kitchen shelves    to prevent them from getting grimy

  • Always clean your utensils and store them well.

  • Dispose of expired food and other waste well

  • Clean and change your kitchen rags regularly

  • Mop the floor and keep it dry to avoid accidents such as tripping over

  • Organize the kitchen effectively

2. Bathroom

Like other rooms that handle soap and water frequently, the bathroom tends to build up scum and gets dirty quickly. A dirty toilet means lingering germs which might cause infections, and a dirty shower means a dirty bath, and nobody wants that, and a dirty soapy floor is hazardous.

You need attention to detail when cleaning your bathroom

  • Start from the top to the bottom.

  • Scrub the toilet nicely, and change the toilet seat regularly.

  • Scrub the shower tub and rinse it well.

  • Scrub any scum from the floor and drain all the dirty soapy water making sure you leave it sparkling clean and dry

  • Disinfect the knobs to ensure you kill any lingering germs.

  • Disinfect and clean the sink from any residue

3. Laundry Room

Clean clothes are an essential daily need.

Based on your schedule, doing your laundry daily or weekly can fill your laundry room with dirty soapy water. If not cleaned, it will build up the soap scum and become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This can, in turn, pose a significant health risk to your household.

To keep your laundry room clean, prioritize cleaning any soap scum on the surface, walls, and ceiling properly. 

To do this, make sure you;

  • Find suitable cleaning agents/chemicals to use on your floor. For example, if your floor is natural stone tiles, use a non-acidic cleaner.

  • Use baking soda and vinegar as a natural cleaner.

  • Scrub the surface of walls and floor to remove every stain and scum.

  • Start from the top to the bottom.

  • Organize the cleaning agents to keep the room tidy

  • Clean the washer and mop the floor once done.

4. The Bedroom

Have a long day, and do you need that rest? 

Imagine coming home to a poorly organized bedroom where you move things to your undone bed, dirty, smelly bedding, and a room full of mosquitos with inadequate ventilation. As a result, you can’t get the peaceful sleep you deserve.

Doing basic cleaning in your bedroom is very important. But first, you must ensure it’s clean, neat, and tidy. 

When  you put in the small essential work of cleaning and organizing it first thing when you wake up and follow your cleaning schedules shown below:

  • Clean and change your bedding regularly

  • Organize your room

  • Dust the ceiling fans and overhead lighting fixtures to remove dust.

  •  Leave your windows open for proper ventilation and lighting in your bedroom.

  • Ensure there’s no stagnant water on your compound or other rooms that might act as breeding grounds for mosquitos and other dangerous organisms

  • Clean the floor

  • Dust windows, walls, doors, closets, and frames

  • Dispose of waste and other unwanted things in the bedroom.

  • Leave your bed tucked in every day.

5. Living Room

People spend most of their time in the living room typically. It is the room you invite your guest to; if you have kids, it is also where they usually watch TV. And we all know that with that comes a lot more mess than any other room. 

Living rooms can quickly get dirty; if not cleaned well, they will rapidly spread germs and disease-causing microorganisms. 

To clean it: 

  • Disinfect the knobs,

  • Clean and dust your carpets

  • Organize your room

  • Dust the ceiling fans and overhead lighting fixtures to remove dust.

  • Leave your windows open for proper ventilation and lighting

  • Dust your furniture and clean under them.

  • Dust the windows, doors and frames and keep the curtains clean.


  1. Cleaning your home removes dirt and dust

  2. By cleaning your home regularly, you kill germs that might cause infections.

  3. A clean home and bedroom come with a relaxed, peaceful state of mind, leading to quality and improved sleep.

  4. Suitable for your household.

  5. Quality air circulation in your home


Follow the above simple routines every time you finish doing your laundry. 

However, if you cannot do it alone, you can hire professional cleaners from Ezi to help.

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A clean, healthy and homely environment is maintained through regular cleaning. 

Sometimes life fails to give you time to follow your cleaning schedules, like when you are expecting a baby, have to plan a sudden urgent party, get sick, or get committed at work.

Even at these times, you must set priorities for cleaning your home. Because if you don’t, sooner or later, you will lose track, and everything will fall apart.

Follow the general cleaning steps shown above to ensure your home is clean. Or even when you don’t have enough time to clean your house, Ezi Cleaning Services is here to help you get professional cleaners in Ottawa or Toronto to do the work.

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